Silent Servant – Shadows Of Death And Desire (CD Album – Hospital Productions)

By Mar 4,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental-EBM, technoid.

Background/Info: American DJ and producer John Juan Mendez has released a considerable number of EP’s on very different labels. This album is his second one and has been again released on the American label Hospital Productions. The opus is also available on vinyl.

Content: The album reveals two aspects. It first started with a mix of electro- and industrial music. It has something experimental and also EBM-inspired. “Harm In Hand” is an intriguing cut, which reminds me a bit of the legendary PF Project. The work is quite dark and accomplished with icy sound treatments.

The other aspect is more psychedelic-like and would be perfect as soundtrack music. Most of the songs are instrumentals, but there are also spoken-like vocals and even a few female voices, which adds something really hypnotic. 

+ + + : The album is diversified revealing different influences. I personally like the colder cuts achieved with frozen-like sound treatments. “Harm In Hand” and “Damage” are both highly recommended. But I also enjoyed the shamanic-like “Glass Veil” featuring intriguing female voices.

– – – : The album is cool and easy listening, but missing an ultimate point.

Conclusion: This album reveals different influences and enjoyable songs, but it feels a bit like a thriller without a real plot.

Best songs: “Damage”, “Glass Veil”, “Harm In Hand”.

Rate: (6½).




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