Salnikov Borisov Salnikov – Glib (CD Album – Salnikov Borisov Salnikov)

By Apr 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental.

Background/Info: “Glib” resulted from the common efforts between Mikhail Salnikov, Alexei Borisov and Alexander Salnikov. The idea came when Alexei Borisov visited the UK in 2018. 

Content: “Glib” features 9 tracks, which sound like pure improvisation. An impressive arsenal of sounds and noises now and then completed by a few rhythms result in a totally experimental production. You’ll notice the never-ending sound manipulations, which are even moving into acid sequences while other passages have been driven by solid bass lines. But the essence of the work is clearly free-styled.

+ + + : This is a total experiment, which sometimes reminds me of the early 80s when a kind of anti-music movement saw the light of day. It clearly appears to be an antidote to established and especially cheap and commercial music genres. The Russian trio is behaving like sonic surgeons, decomposing and recomposing sounds and noises. I like some of the electronic treatments.

– – – : Experimental music remains a genre you like or dislike; there’s no way in between. And when the production becomes totally improvised it even becomes more extreme.

Conclusion: If you like classical music standards and you want to try something totally different and, which you maybe never heard of before… don’t try listening to “Glib”! This is for experienced lovers of experimental music.

Best songs: “Plain Claws Inspectors”, “I’m In Love With Secateurs”.

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