Antoine Panaché – Endling… (Cassette Album – Barreuh Records)

By Apr 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, abstract.

Background/Info: Lilia Scheerder aka Antoine Panaché is back with a new album. This work comes after the surprising and totally weird sounding “Pleasures” featuring two cover versions. Lilia Scheerder is also one of the co-owners of Barreuh Records.

Content: “Endling” features 6 new songs by this artist from The Netherlands. It’s nearly impossible to define the music style of Antoine Panaché. It’s more like an experiment with good-old analogue gear mixed with field recordings. From linear drum sections to icy sound treatments joined by field recordings, to accordion sound passages, to lost voices, the work often sounds like pure improvisation and total experimentation.

+ + + : Antoine Panaché makes me think of the work of one of the ‘Masters’ from the ‘Dadaist’ movement Marcel Duchamp. Some elements of the composition feel pretty familiar, but has been transformed by the author to pure abstract creation. It’s partly recyclable and mainly focused on the creation and manipulation of sounds and noises. I never have been a huge fan of improvisation, but when it’s done with such passion it becomes more accessible and intriguing. The artwork of this cassette is pretty cool.

– – – : Experimental- and abstract music creation will always remain hard to define and understand. Is it still music or a kind of contemporary anti-music movement? One thing is for sure, you are either going to like it, or leave it, there’s no way in between!

Conclusion: “Endling…” is comparable to a sonic patchwork of sounds and noises. ‘Dada’ is alive and is actually living in The Netherlands…

Best songs: “Xolotl”, “Zwarte Agnes”.

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