Rotersand – Hey You (CD EP – Trisol)

By Mar 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Body-pop, electro-pop.

Background/Info: German duo Krischan Wesenberg – Rascal Hueppe is back on track, getting us back to their last full length album “Capitalism TM”. Six tracks plus one from the EP featured at the limited edition of the work have been picked up, reworked and remixed.

Content: “Hey You” is not what I should call a ‘classical’ EP. Six songs from the “Capitalism TM” have been exposed to the skills of remixers while Rotersand reworked “Hey You” and “Not Alone”. They also added alternative edits like extended versions and a club edit.

“Hey You” has been seriously reworked and still features a noticeable and somewhat happy sounding chorus. “Not Alone” reveals an interesting progression towards a truly climax. The common element between both songs is you get the impression they compose the songs with a real bass guitar.

Remixes have been accomplished by Consumer Junkie, Assemblage 23, Mehr Licht and Chris Count. Last, but not least the “12” Version” of “Welcome Home” is featuring female vocals by Layn.

+ + + : This is an original EP for the reworked songs, alternative edits and remixes, but it also reveals a varied work. From indie-pop to body-pop to technoid passages and trance breaks “Hey You” clearly reveals elements I didn’t hear on the album. Krischan Wesenberg remains a genius composer/producer with great melodic skills while Rascal Hueppe is a talented and charismatic singer. There’s a lot to experience on “Hey You”, but I’ve a preference for the harder, more danceable and club-friendly “12” Club version” of “You’re Nothing” and the “Original 12” Version” of “Monkeys In A Tree”.

– – – : Some leads are a bit too cliché and dance-like. I’m also not really a fan of the “12” Version” of “Welcome Home”, which is long during without real apotheosis. I also expected a bit more from some remixes.

Conclusion: Even if this EP has something unique for Rotersand, it still features pure Rotersand passages.

Best songs: “Monkeys In A Tree – Original 12” Version”, “You’re Nothing – 12” Club Version”, “Welcome Home – 12” Version feat. Vocals by Layn”, “Monkeys In A Tree – Chris Count Remix”, “Überload – 12” Extended Version”.

Rate: (7½).

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