RNGMNN – Arctic Interference (Album – Winter-Light)

By Jan 28,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Ronny Engmann aka RNGMNN has been very prolific in 2019. Next to a collaborative album with Dronny Darko (Cryo Chamber) he also released an album on Noctivagant (cf. “The Devil’s Yell”) plus this other album on Winter-Light.

Content: The album has been recorded over several years and as the title indicates, it has been inspired by the splendor of the Arctic environment. That’s why this album could have been released on Glacial Movements as well. The German artist takes us away on a dark and relaxing trip made of field recordings and sonic manipulation. Echoing sounds and drones are accentuating the atmosphere, which has something solemn and yet intimate. There’s a progressive evolution in the tracklist reaching a kind of sonic cataclysm during the last cuts where you’ll hear a kind of exploding sounds. The album finally ends like it has all started; with a prosperous, mysterious track.

+ + + : Ronny Engmann found the right balance between his electronic loops and the field recordings. I especially like the deep, vibrating passages accentuated by drones and crispy noises. There’re a few cool cuts in the midst of the work, but things are reaching an ultimate climax at “Frozen Magma” and “Icicle Ridge Trail”. Both cuts are really overwhelming and with some imagination you can figure the impressive Arctic ice mass… which is unfortunately, but surely getting down. 

– – – : I can’t say the opening cuts are hesitant, but they rather feel as a warm-up for the denser compositions coming next.

Conclusion: RNGMNN has accomplished a noticeable work, which is slowly, but surely reaching its top at the final part of the work. This is a fascinating ambient work.

Best songs: “Frozen Magma”, “Icicle Ridge Trail”, “Perceptual Alternation”, “Waves Of Frost”.

Rate: (8).

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