Cryo Chamber Collaboration – Yig (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By May 23,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: Since 2014, each year we get a “Cryo Chamber Collaboration”-album. It always consists of a collaborative- and conceptual production between label artists paying tribute to the work of H.P. Lovecraft. This latest production has been released at the end of 2020 and features the following artists:Neizvestija, ProtoU, Dronny Darko, RNGMNN, In  Quantum, Dead Melodies, Atrium Carceri, Keosz, Northumbria, Beyond The Ghost, Wordclock, God Body Disconnect, Randal Collier-Ford, Hilyard, Council Of  Nine, Dahlia’s Tear, Lesa Listvy, Creation VI, Aegri Somnia, Ager Sonus, Ruptured World and Alphaxone.

Content: The work features two extended pieces from 70 and 69 minutes. “Yig 1” is more diversified featuring buzzing noises, passages with slow rhythms, vocal effects, dreamy atmospheres, and field recordings. It’s a pure Cinematographic sensation, which becomes even more explicit on “Yig 2”. We here get an abyssal sensation featuring low sound resonations and progressively evolving into a total ‘film music’ approach refined with piano parts.

+ + + : This collaborative concept remains a unique experience, but also a true tour de force set up and masterly lead by Cryo Chamber’s owner Simon Heath. The common thread of this work is the dark atmospheres reflecting a pure Cinematographic style. It’s a collage of different parts, which all together create a sonic osmosis. I personally prefer the first disc “Yig 1”, which is more diversified and also a bit darker. You don’t really get the feeling listening to tracks of one hour; there’s enough variety resulting in different passages, which are now refined and then rougher. This is the perfect release to accompany a visual performance.

– – – : Even if the production is diversified, there however is a monotonous sphere hanging over the work. I’m missing highlights.

Conclusion: This album once again stands for the true spirit of Cryo Chamber; Cinematographic music around a conceptual theme accomplished by the artists of the label roster.

Best songs: “Yig 1”.

Rate: (7).



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