Projekt Ich – By Train Through Countries (CD Album – Echozone)

By Nov 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Projekt Ich is a German solo-project driven by Ulf Müller. He’s been active for more than ten years and is now unleashing his debut full length. It’s a conceptual work related to the title of the album. Ulf Müller asked guest singers from different countries –but mainly from Germany, to sing his lyrics.

Content: The music sounds in the purest electro-pop style and even has a very vintage-like approach. Most of the sound treatments and the bass lines evoke the spirit of the 80s. Sometimes sweet and dreamy, but also harder and more sterile-like the album has a lot to offer.

Among the singers you’ll hear Marcus Mokuso (ReName), Mick L. Angelo (5Times0), Catrine Christensen (SoftWave), Distain!, Michael Draw (Otto Dix), Rene & Susan Mussbach (Analogue-X) ao. The work features 14 songs with vocals and a final instrumental cut.

+ + + : The concept is not new at all, but remains an interesting challenge for the variety of singers and voice timbres. Sound-wise I like the retro-like sound treatments, but Ulf Müller also reveals to be a talented composer. His songs are well-crafted revealing a mature and professional production process. There also is a nice twist between the different vocalists; different types of voices, male- and female artists. The song “Das Meer” is my personal favorite one, which I like for its minimalism.

– – – : Cool songs, but no real hit!

Conclusion: This album sounds a bit as an invitation to dream away and travel throughout vintage electro-pop fields.

Best songs: “Das Meer”, “The Sleepy Time feat. Caroline McLavy”, “New Dreams For Old feat. Marcus Mokuso”, “The Lightman feat. Oleg Degtiarev”.

Rate: (7).

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