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How to get powerful vaping flavors

By Feb 14,2019

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Flavors are essential for vapers. In fact, we might even go as far as to say that they are crucial for the vaping experience. However, there are very few tutorials which show you how to maximize the flavor of your vape juices.

Therefore, we have decided to take the matter into our own hands and provide some essential tips that will help you get the best taste out of your e-juice. Let’s get started.

Close off the airflow

If you want to create a big cloud vapor, you should enlarge your airflow. However, if you’re going to obtain a stronger flavor, you should do the opposite. If you reduce your airflow, you will get warmer vapes that are denser, and their taste will be stronger.

Nonetheless, it is essential to know how to balance things. You should close off your airflow entirely as this could lead to poor vapor production and your vapors will be too hot for you. You should try to enlarge your airflow gradually until you reach the level that you want.

The right coil

Another thing that could help you is choosing the right types of coil. This plays an essential part in the entire process, and it will determine how much flavor you get from your e-cig. For example, bottom-coil coils come with certain advantages and the fact that they are located at the bottom means that the wicks don’t have to suck the e-juice to the coil.

Sub ohm tanks are also becoming more and more popular. They support coils that are under one ohm in resistance. The vapor production is boosted as well as the flavor. The large bore coils allow more airflow through the coil, and the taste is reduced. Therefore, you should choose something different.

Adjust your settings

One simple thing that you can do in order to obtain more flavor is to work on your wattage and temperature settings. Each flavoring vaporizes at a different temperature. One way to determine the ideal temperature for each flavor is by starting at a low heat and working your way to the top until you reach the perfect spot.

You should know that each flavor has a different temperature, which means that you need to test it out for each different taste. One juice might have the best flavor at 35  W, while another one might require only 20 W.

PG juices

Playing with PG juices might also help you enhance the flavor. For stronger flavors, you should opt for PG. VG doesn’t really have a taste, and choosing higher PG juices will allow you to feel the flavor. The best ratio is the 50/50 one, as it will enable you to experience both the advantages of VG and the benefits of PG. This combination will allow you to feel a dominant taste, and the vapor production won’t be affected at all. You can even choose a higher PG level, such as 60 or 70 percent if you want concentrated flavorings.



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