Pig – Pain Is God (Album – Metropolis Records)

By Jan 19,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Electro-Rock.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: British born Raymond Watts is what you can call a phenomenon. He collaborated with famous artists and was of course one of the KMFDM core members. Active since the 80s Watts is back on track with a new work of his sonic brainchild Pig! The new opus features fourteen cuts.

Content: Raymond Watts is doing what he has always done; achieving a diversified piece of modern Industrial music, which others will call Electro-Rock. The songs sound as the perfect osmosis between empowering guitar playing and heavy electronics. Some songs have been achieved with epic arrangements, but I also noticed some funky parts and an empowering, pretty Rammstein-driven song. Watts is singing with a natural charisma now adding some rage and later on emotion. The female backing vocals inject a sensual touch on top of the deeper male growls. The KMFDM fans will notice a cover version (but is it really a cover as Watts was a founding member of the band) of “Kickin Ass”.

+ + + : Globally speaking I should dare to say this new opus is a typical Pig album. It still sounds a bit KMFDM-like –which is rather understandable, but in the end it simply sounds like Pig! A merciless compromise between furious guitar play empowering the choruses and heavy electronic treatments. Songs like “Rock N Roll Refugee” and “Seed Of Evil” both are great exposures of this work, but I also have to mention the furious-like “Hell To Pay In The USA”. The Rammstein fans will be pleased by the “Evil Edit” of “Sex And Death”. A last attention grabber I want to mention is “Mobocracy – Militant Mix”.

– – – : I know some Pig albums with more potential hits, but globally speaking this album is a fully accomplished piece of music.

Conclusion: Pig remains a band with a naughty- and very personal sound; play it loud!

Best songs: “Seed Of Evil”, “Rock N Roll Refugee”, “Hell To Pay In The USA – (Piss & Vinegar Mix”, “Mobocracy – Militant Mix”.

Rate: (7½).

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