Alien Vampires – Destrudo (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Jan 19,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro, Industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Destrudo” and “World In Denial” are twin productions. They both have been released the same day and are also announcing the return of the infernal, Italian duo –now living in the UK, ‘Nysrok Infernalien’ (vocals, guitar) and ‘NightStalker’ (keys, percussion and backing vocals). The EP also features four songs plus five remixes.

Content: Among the 4 ‘new’ songs we get the already familiar “Destrudo” and “World In Denial”. The difference is that “Destrudo” is opening this EP. Both songs remind us the violent sound of Alien Vampires, mixing Industrial guitar play together with harsh Dark-Electro with enraged vocals on top plus clearer backing vocals. We next get 2 ‘new’ songs revealing an overwhelming, Industrial-Techno driven “10 Bags 10 Lines” and the haunting “London Paranormal”.

We now get 2 remixes of the title song plus 2 remixes of “Wolrd In Denial” by God Destruction, In3briant, Cyberlich, Freaky Mind and Nano Infect.

+ + + : Both title songs from these EP’s are strong and powerful, but just as on the other EP I prefer one of the exclusive cuts. “10 Bags 10 Lines” has something transcendental, but also injecting some diversity to the work while exploring new paths for the band. More than ever before, this EP reveals the unique style and brutal approach of Alien Vampires. They don’t exactly repeat themselves although holding on their heavy sound production. Among the remixes I recommend the one of “Destrudo” by God Destruction. There’s a better balance between electronics and guitar than on the original edit.

– – – : I’m not convinced from all the new cuts I heard both title songs are the best ones. “Darkweb” featured on the EP “World In Denial” and “10 Bags 10 Lines” from this EP are my personal favorites. I also expected more out of the remixes by Nano Infect and Freaky Mind.

Conclusion: Alien Vampires is back driven by rage and fury! Both EP’s are for sure their most diversified work to date.

Best songs: “10 Bags 10 Lines”, “Destrudo – Unholy Mix by god Destruction”, “Destrudo”, “World In Denial”.

Rate: (8).

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