Pantelis Spirou – De Daemon Self (CD Album – Zefxis Music)

By Jun 7,2016

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Genre/Influences: Folk, ethereal.

Παντελής ΣπύρουBackground/Info: I sometimes wonder about the music I get. This album was sent from Greek without any information and only featuring Hellenic writing on the album. I find out that this is the debut album of an artist called Pantelis Spirou while I’m not sure about the right translation of the title (cf. “De Daemon Self”).

Content: The sound is pure Greek folk music, but not the kind of ‘cheap’ music we all know from Greece. This artist seems to have got the contribution from many guest artists. We’re entering a folk, but melancholic sound universe composed by traditional and authentic instruments. It sometimes reminds me of elements of rebetika (Greek folk music), but also to the fado from Portugal.

There’s a real passion for folk music that comes through while the lyrics (all in Greek) sounds like telling little stories accompanied by typical Greek instruments.

+ + + : If you like Greek folk or simply world music, this artist reveals pure and authentic sounds from his country. It’s an entertaining and dreamy work with an ethereal touch on top. It might appeal for lovers of the Prikosnovénie label.

– – – : It’s a real pity there’s no more info available about this work. I think it would have been important to get more background and details about the idea and concept behind the work.

Conclusion: Pantelis Spirou is a part of reverie and a way to bring all the beauty and Greek mysticism in your home.

Best songs: “ΔΩΣ Μογ ΝΞΡο”.

Rate: (7).



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