Ontal – Amass (CD Album – Hands)

By Jan 22,2018

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, IDM, power-noise.

Background/Info: Serbian Ontal duo Boris Brenecki – Darko Kolar have already released an impressive number of EP’s while “Amass” is their third full length album and the first one together with Hands. The band has been active since 2011.

Content: Ontal clearly belongs to the newest generation of industrial artists who incorporate techno elements in their work. But it’s not just techno music as you can feel a truly passion to create great soundsculptures. Ontal experiments with sounds and noises creating a kind of sonic collage carried by hard-smashing kicks. They this way bring different influences together creating a rather eclectic production.

+ + + : I definitely like this new industrial approach, which is mixed with techno, power-noise and finally touches ground with IDM. “Amass” sounds as the offspring between familiar ‘harder’ industrial elements and contemporary technoid aspects. It’s not that surprising, but the way Ontal mixes noise and techno is an interesting approach.

– – – : I sometimes wonder if the industrial die-hard fans can be convinced by this visionary industrial format, which often sounds more related with techno clubs instead of industrial floors. It clearly looks like there’s an offspring between both genres going on and everyone has to make his mind up about this evolution.

Conclusion: “Amass” is a diversified production, but first of all the meeting between varied influences resulting in an intelligent music format, which can ravish industrial- and techno lovers in search of obscure productions hey can dance on.

Best songs: “First Sign”, “For Industrial People”, “Improvidence”.

Rate: (7½).²


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