øjeRum – Without Blood The Sun Darkens (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By Nov 18,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-cinematographic, dark-ambient. 

Background/Info: Danish composer Paw Grabowski has already been active for several years now. He has released an endless list of productions and especially the past few years seem to have been prolific years. This album is the first one he released on Cyclic Law.

Content: The album features a single cut that will take the listener away for nearly 60 minutes of joy. The composition sounds pretty cinematic and is dominated by a kind of desperate, melancholic vibrating tune. It sounds like being played with a string instrument. The tone comes constantly back while the song is progressively evolving. 

+ + + : The song has been characterized by a genius dark tone. It’s a composition with a strong visual appeal that can’t leave unmoved. There’s a kind of emotional element emerging at the surface, which reinforces the visual strength of the track. 

– – – : The track sounds a bit like a loop that is constantly repeating itself. It creates a kind of “Bolero”-effect, but the main difference is that this track doesn’t really evolve towards an absolute apotheosis. That’s precisely what this cut is missing. 

Conclusion: “Without Blood The Sun Darkens” has the potential to become a masterpiece, but is missing variety and a real, noticeable progression. 

Best songs: “Without Blood The Sun Darkens”.

Rate: (7).


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