MUUR – Bod (CD Album – Cyclic Law)

By Nov 18,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, ritual, industrial. 

Background/Info: I didn’t really find that much info about this German project releasing its debut album on Cyclic Law. “Bod” has been introduced as ‘the music, artwork and concept behind BOD serves as an exploration and installment of a new tradition of ritual and occult arts sourced from various ancient foundations. For this, a new culture with its own history, including a new language was constructed.’

Content: The album features one track taking the listener away for a trip of 51 minutes. It feels a bit strange as you clearly will notice there are multiple and very different tracks included. “Bod” moves from ritual passages with bells and spooky atmospheres into dark, humming sound waves with heavy blasts towards a heavy industrial bombast created by guitar and reminding to The Swans towards ritual throat singing à la Phurpa towards a new industrial passage à la Swans. 

+ + + : MUUR clearly reveals to be an eclectic project. I personally prefer the industrial side with great guitar playing à la Swans and the ritual passage with this enigmatic and sacred-like throat singing. 

– – – : Mixing different influences together feels a bit like listening to a compilation. There’s less cohesion between the tracks. 

Conclusion: MUUR sounds a bit like a summary of dark-ambient-, industrial- and ritual music. I think it would have been a better idea creating separate tracks instead of one long during piece. 

Best songs: “Bod”. 

Rate: (6½). 

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