…Of Tanz Victims – Fighting False Gods (Vinyl 7” – Artoffact Records)

By Sep 16,2015

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental, electronics.

…Of Tanz VictimsContent: “Fighting False Gods” was originally self-released in 1985 as a single featuring 3 tracks. The name of this band mght not ring a bell but I felt really excited to see Artoffact Records recovering this old band from dust.

…Of Tanz Victims definitely belong to the history of 80s industrial music (and related genres). The band was based in Montreal (Canada) and released outstanding full length albums. They were inspired by English industrial pioneers like Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Cabaret Voltaire (which is an element that comes through in their work), and also by the legendary ‘Nouvelle Vague’ film-movement.

The band seemed to have got some success in Belgium, which probably explains why I remember this band and more than this, I always have considered …Of Tanz Victims as one of the main references when it comes to speak about 80s electro & industrial pioneers. I read that there were some plans to bring the band back to life, but nothing has happened thus far.

So let’s get back to this early exposure of this band’s creativity which is dominated by the opening cut “Filth Ov God (Tanz Mix)”. It remains one of their best cuts ever, which is characterized by a linear rhythm and an impressive sound collage featuring samplings, good-old analogue electronics and industrial components mainly consisting of manipulated guitar. It sounds dark and experimental while remaining pure avant-garde. Ghost-like vocals emerge from imaginary tenebrous spaces to reinforce the kind of disturbing element you might feel when listening to …Of Tanz Victims.

“The Silent End” taking off at the B-side sounds indeed like a B-side although it’s more than simply filler. This song reflects the electro-industrial and experimental side of the band while the hopping rhythm is an element they mainly used. I personally prefer the final track “Tape Machine K (Corpse Mix)”, which is more into complexity and 80s industrialism. You’ll notice multiple sound manipulations and the use of sampled parts.

Conclusion: …Of Tanz Victims remains to me one of the main visionary formations that were active during the 80s industrial movement. They didn’t get the deserved (and especially international) recognition although I’m sure that die-hard fans of industrial music fully consider and respect this band for its oeuvre.

Best songs: “Filth Ov God (Tanz Mix)”, “Tape Machine K (Corpse Mix)”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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