Oestergaards – Rötterna (Cassette Album – Lamour)

By Oct 31,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: We here welcome the debut work of Oestergaards. This Swedish artist started organizing festivals and finally started to compose his own music. “Rötterna” (translated “Roots”) reveals 6 cuts and has been released on the good-old cassette format.

Content: This work brings us back to the essence of dark-ambient music and the ‘Swedish ambient school’ remains one of the most recognized and inspiring ones from the scene. “Rötterna” makes me think to a sort of sound collage based upon dark themes. It’s not a coincidence if the music has been introduced as a ‘dystopian world’, but it’s definitely more obscure than the most evil dystopian nightmare…

+ + + : This is dark-ambient music getting us back to the real sense of what this music genre means. It’s dark, obscure, anguishing and revealing a strong visual appeal. The atmospheres are getting you into paranoia while some ghost-like voices are leading you to an imaginary climax of angst. It’s an overwhelming production, which especially on the B-side is slowly reaching its ultimate point of terror… but also revealing the talent of this new artist.

– – – : This is a very efficient and great work so I don’t have real minus points!

Conclusion: Sweden reveals a new dark-ambient talent, which will appeal for all lovers of the lost Cold Meat Industry period and/or current leading labels such as Cyclic Law, Malignant Tumor and of course Cryo Chamber.

Best songs: “Nihilist”, “Ladan”, “Parad”.

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