Oestergaards – Moloken (mini Album – Dovle)

By Apr 8,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Format: Digital, vinyl.

Background/Info: I got the opportunity to discover the debut album of this Swedish dark-ambient artist. The album “Rötterna” was an impressive debut reminding me of the golden years of Cold Meat Industry. This new work features five compositions and has been released on the artist’s brand-new label, which is meant to release Oestergaards’ productions plus side-projects. “Moloken” is a kind of psychic exorcism, ‘a settlement with depression and anxiety’. Notice by the way the album has been mastered by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri).

Content: “Rötterna” already was a total surprise and “Moloken” only confirms the writing skills of this artist. The songs again remind me of some masters of dark-ambient music. It’s the kind of album that would have found its place at the CMI-roster. The visitor feels like trespassing a danger zone, which is created by the strength of obscure sound waves, humming sounds and multiple little noises and effects. Voices have been used as an extra effect, empowering the ghost-like sensation of “Moloken”.

+ + + : Oestergaards simply confirms being one of the ‘next big things’ in the dark-ambient world. The compositions are elaborated and animated by multiple sonic details creating an imaginary sonic labyrinth of horror and despair. The work has a strong  visual appeal, bringing feelings of angst and loneliness alive. Oestergaards stands for torment and in a way perfectly transposes the fetish theme of illness into an ambient masterpiece. The last track (cf. “Stavsberget (No Horizon Left)” is a brilliant apotheosis to this mini-album.

– – – : The work is maybe missing a total climax, but globally speaking there’s no reason to complaining.

Conclusion: The title of the album is a Swedish word, which can be translated as ‘depressed’, ‘distressed’, ‘sad’, ‘melancholy’… which has been remarkably adapted into a fascinating dark-ambient trip.

Best songs: “Stavsberget (No Horizon Left)”, “Dihovle (The Whining of Ordinary People)”, “Moloken”.

Rate:  (8).

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