2Kilos &More – Exempt (Album – Ant-Zen)

By Apr 8,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: French project t 2Kilos &More is already active since the early millennium years. While they’re still active with the famous Von Magnet collective, they now get back to 2Kilos & More unleashing their first new opus since “Lieux-Dits” (2015). Notice by the way the album has been released by the recently defunct Audiotrauma in the vinyl format while the CD version has been released by Le Label Beige. I got the digital version released by Ant-Zen.

Content: “Exempt” is maybe the most unusual release by 2Kilos &More. I notice a kind of fascination for minimal electronic treatments, but there also is a psychedelic flavor created by guitar playing. The tracks are somewhat versatile, moving from IDM and even experimental passages towards pure psychedelic- and cinematic impressions.

+ + + : “Exempt” is an album with its very own style and approach and that’s definitely what I like in music! This project strives for creativity. I like the electronic treatments revealed at “Circular” and “Trilogie I”, but I’m also fascinated by the cinematic experience at “Decibels” (feat. Black Sifichi). This song makes me think of a ‘film noir’ experience. The song is accomplished with great effects, guitar and a slow tempo. The low cadence is another essential aspect of the work.

– – – : The psychedelic element of the album is not what I like the most, but it for sure injects something special.

Conclusion: 2Kilos &More remain a sonic chemistry mixing different elements to get a very personal result! It however is not their best work to date.

Best songs: “Decibels”, “Circular”, “Trilogie I”.

Rate: (7).

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