Netherworld – Algida Bellezza (CD Album – Glacial Movements)

By Dec 4,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-cinematographic.

Background/Info: Italian composer and Glacial Movements label owner Alessandro Tedeschi has released a very particular work. It’s not exactly in the format or content, but in the concept. He asks an interesting question about a possible existing ‘parallel between the beauty, innocence and fragility of a newborn baby girl and that of the flora and fauna present in the fragile arctic ecosystems’. The main reason to this subject is the birth of his daughter, Ginevra, to whom the entire album is dedicated.

Content: Netherworld in a way is an ambassador of the Glacial Movements ‘sound’. Who better than the label owner can feature the approach and sound philosophy? We’re diving into an abyssal journey where prosperity and anxiety are joining together. The tracks have been accomplished with multiple effects and electronic manipulations. It’s a work with a strong visual appeal, and also reflects some intimacy.

+ + + : Netherworld has accomplished a deeply intimate work. The mysterious and abyssal sonic atmosphere is made of great sound treatments and noises. I especially like the kind of deep, humming sound waves emerging from a track as “Somniosus Microcephalus”. Another attention grabber is the last track “Ursus Maritimus”, which is more elaborated, but still creating a cold-cellar feeling.

– – – : This is a great work and a beautiful ode to the artist’s new born daughter, but the album is maybe just missing a real apotheosis.

Conclusion: Alessandro Tedeschi has released a poignant work; even if it’s not easy to see the parallel between the joy of parents with their new born child and the overwhelming nature of the arctic continent, this sonic exploration makes sense!

Best songs: “Somniosus Microcephalus”, “Ursus Maritimus”, “Vulpes Lagopus”.

Rate: (8).


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