Nervenbeisser – Geschlechterschlacht (CD Album – Danse Macabre)

By Dec 8,2015

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Genre/Influences: Nu-metal, breakbeats.

NervenbeisserContent: Nervenbeisser is a German band set up by Olaf Seider. I’m sure it will be hard to keep the title of the album in mind for non-Germans, but I can assure you “Geschlechterschlacht” is worthy of examination. This is a rather surprising work as it concerns a re-release of an album that was originally released in 2004 by ZYX-Music. So this is an opportunity to (re)discover this somewhat forgotten album.

Olaf Seider mixes interesting influences together, which sound a bit like an offspring between Rammstein and The Prodigy. It’s a strange and powerful hybrid driven by energetic and often breakbeat-minded beats while the furious guitar playing reveals the metal inspiration. The global production is achieved by great electronic treatments. The electronic element of the work also is a main aspect and not just a detail. All those elements together create an explosive fusion, which you can hear in several songs.

“Feuerteufel” is without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite. It sounds like it symbolizes an ultimate symbiosis between the different sources of inspiration while it will maybe appeal to fans of Rammstein. I think there’s no better song than “Feuerteufel” to get an idea about the sound creation of Nervenbeisser. I also have to mention songs like “Genug Ist Genug” and “Prinz Der Nacht”. The last mentioned track also reveals a great harmony between the rough male vocals and female backings reminding me a bit of Jade 4U (Praga Khan). The female vocals inject a kind of sexy, but sterile touch.

This album clearly evokes the influence of Rammstein, but “Geschlechterschlacht” sounds sexier because of its rhythmic and electronic arrangements.

Conclusion: This album is a real nice surprise, which in my opinion has the potential to appeal to a wider audience than only German speaking fans. The main basis of the work is inspired by familiar influences, but mixed together to get a refreshing sound.

Best songs: “Feuerteufel”, “Deine Angst”, “Genug Ist Genug”, “Prinz Der Nacht”Fileg Mit Mir”, “Nervenbeisser”.

Rate: (Elise Din:8)Elise Din.


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