Nero Bellum – NFRN° (CD Album – Metropolis Records)

By Sep 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electronic.

Background/Info: We all know Nero Bellum as the spirit behind Psyclon Nine. On “NFRN°” Nero Bellum wanted to get back to the essence of electronic music. The tracks have been composed by modular synths. It took two years to record the songs, which are all improvised.

Content: “NFRN°” clearly has nothing in common with the work and influences of Psyclon Nine. This is a totally different concept. It becomes rapidly clear Nero Bellum has developed a real fascination for analogue gear –and it’s not that surprising that he was under the influence of the famous Buchla. The songs are instrumental edits (except a few pitched and sampled passages) mixing industrial sound treatments with pure experimental work.

+ + + : It not only is an experimental work, but still a pretty minimal one. No doubt about it, you’ll not recognize the charismatic leader from Psyclon Nine behind this production. Nero Bellum has decided to walk on ‘new’ paths, which are totally retro-like, but getting us back to a time artists really had to create their sound to compose their songs. This album is an antidote to modern technology, which is getting so-called musicians ‘lazy’. It clearly sounds experimental, but there are several noticeable cuts featured and also driven by a slow rhythm.

– – – : The experimental side of the work is obviously present and sometimes too much into the improvisation technique. But that’s improvisation isn’t it?

Conclusion: Nero Bellum has realized a real surprising work, which in a way also is a tour de force. I like renowned artists such as Nero bellum who dare to do different things. So in the end it’s a real challenge!

Best songs: “All Feathers Ripped Out”, “A Candle Once Burned”, “Weapon”, “An Angel’s Offering”.

Rate: (7).


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