Junkie Flamingos – Lemegeton Party (Vinyl Album – The Helen Scarsdale Agency)

By Sep 25,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, industrial, electronic, dark-cinematographic.

Background/Info: “Lemegeton Party” is the debut (mini)-album by Junkie Flamingos. This new band was set up in 2017 by Alice Kundalini, Luca Sigurtà and Daniele Delogu. Alice Kundalini is known for her work under the She Spread Sorrow moniker. “Lemegeton Party” is inspired by the novel “Hyperion” from Freidrich Holderlin.

Content: It’s not that easy to define the sound of this project. It’s easier to speak about multiple influences, which are covering elements of experimental-, electronic- industrial- and dark-cinematographic music. Kundalini’s vocals are once again expressing a kind of cold-sensual taste. The vocals have been produced with some extra effects on top. From evasive cinematic passages with a dark edge to harder industrial parts, this work is also revealing some ritual elements and ambient atmospheres filled with desolation.

+ + + : I like the global minimalism running through this work. The songs have something very personal, somewhat intimate and definitely tormenting. Junkie Flamingos clearly strives to create an own style and this debut work is fully accomplished. It resulted from a creative process revealing a band with visionary ideas. The 5 songs are worthy of examination, but I especially recommend both last ones.

– – – : My only regret is that there are only five songs featured here.

Conclusion: I was a bit afraid when I heard the name of this band, which is totally weird, but now I’ve heard their music I can only, but highly recommend for you to discover Junkie Flamingos!

Best songs: “Shape Of Men”, “Restless Youth”, “The Language Of Slaves”.

Rate: (8).


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