Nachtfalter – Was Bleibt (CD Album – Echozone)

By May 15,2019

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Genre/Influences: Gothic-metal.

Background/Info: Nachtfalter is a German duo active since 2017. After two singles (cf. “Maschinenklang” and “Anderes Leben”) they now present their debut full length album.

Content: “Was Bleibt” sounds definitely in the truly German gothic-metal vein. It’s not only about the German vocals, but it also is about a sound, which you can easily recognize among others. You’ll notice the metal-driven guitar play, which is accentuated by gothic-like atmospheres and melodies. Some tracks are moving into epic passages, but I also noticed a more post-punk inspired song (cf. “Maschinenklang”). Nachtfalter constantly moves in between furious parts and more atmospheric passages while the last track is an electronic version of “Maschinenklang”.

+ + + : If you’re into gothic-metal music, this album might be something for you. It sounds hard and yet melodic, driven by metal guitar riffs and accomplished with subtle electronic treatments. The band also has a nose to compose carrying choruses, bringing a wider dimension to the songs. I don’t want to compare them, but some songs might appeal for fans of Lacrimosa.

– – – : Nachtfalter is clearly meant as an assault of the German goth-metal scene. Releasing a debut album always is a challenge so time will tell if they’ll succeed in their mission. I don’t hear that much new in their sound so why should their become more successful than others?

Conclusion: If your favorite music is German gothic-metal music and you don’t like other genres and don’t even want to discover innovation, this might be an album for you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but definitely nothing new!

Best songs: “Im schatten”, “Anderes Leben”, “Maschinenklang – Elektro-Version”.

Rate: (6).

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