Morgue Poetry – In The Absence Of Light (CD Album – Danse Macabre)

By Mar 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Neo-folk, folk-noir.

Background/Info: Morgue Poetry is the solo-project of Konstantin Michaely who’s involved with Wisborg. Wisborg last year released its debut full length “The Tragedy Of Seconds Gone” on Danse Macabre. “In The Absence Of Light” was released by the end of 2018 and is an acoustic project.

Content: If the sound of Morgue Poetry has been defined as ‘folk-noir’ it’s for sure because of the dark approach performed by acoustic instruments. The main instrument is the guitar, but you also will discover piano arrangements and real drums. Konstantin’s deep timbre of voice is fitting with the obscure sound approach. There’re 2 songs featuring backing vocals.

+ + + : This work has a conceptual feeling, but it first of all creates an intimate atmosphere reinforced by the ‘dark beauty’ of the lyrics. The authenticity of the music injects a sensible touch to the work. “In The Absence Of Light” is an appropriate  title for an evasive dark voyage. This is the kind of music that might appeal for lovers of Rome, Sieben and other related artists.

– – – : The single reproach I could imagine about this work is the similarity between the songs.

Conclusion: Even if the sound is dark I think this album is an enlightening discovery!

Best songs: “To Love Is To Lose”, “Enlightenment”, “Tonight”.

Rate: (8).


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