Mordacious – It’s Not Over (Album – Mordacious)

By Apr 16,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, industrial-rave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: After self-released productions, American artist ‘Mordacious Mortem’ released his work on Hypervoxx Recordings/Telegrammetry Recordings and Infacted Recordings. The previous album (cf. “Bloodletting”) was again a self-released work mastered  by Jan Loamfield (Noisuf-X, X-Fusion, Stoppenberg). “It’s not Over” got released at the end of 2019 and has been mastered again by Jan Loamfield.

Content: I’ve never been a huge fan of Mordacious, but “It’s Not Over” is something totally different. The artist reinvented the sound of his sonic brainchild transforming the dark-electronic basis driven by repetitive melody lines into an industrial-rave style. I don’t want to compare it with Noisuf-X, but the German project can be for sure a source of inspiration.

This album even sounds like it was composed by another artist or a side-project of Mordacious. The tracks are danceable while the hypnotic breaks are only empowering the trance sensation. There are vocals in a true dark-electro vein, but the vocals don’t sound like it was the main focus from the global production work.

+ + + : “It’s Not Over” stands for a total ‘sonic make over’! Mordacious is clearly experimenting with new ideas. I must say the songs have something ‘sexy’; this is cool dark-industrial rave music. It has something trendy, but the songs are accomplished. I noticed several great songs such as “Vampyre”, “Bleed”, “It’s Not Over”, “Beg And Plead” and “Nothing”. Respect to this artist who finally dared to walk on ‘new’ sonic paths and the result is worthy of examination. 

– – – : I can imagine some fans of the ‘classical’ Mordacious sound and releases will maybe be shocked discovering this album. This is just another band… but who cares? I don’t!

Conclusion: I realize I’ve been often pretty hard on previous Mordacious reviews, but what I’ve heard now is something different and from a higher level!

Best songs: “Vampyre”, “Bleed”, “It’s Not Over”, “Beg And Plead”, “Nothing”.

Rate:  (8).



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