Mondträume – Free (CD EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Jan 8,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, future-pop.

MondträumeBackground/Info: Spanish duo Damasius Venys (lyrics & vocals) – Pikotto Vond Mond (composition) was revealed by Alfa Matrix a few years ago now. They released 2 EP’s and the debut album “Empty” (2014) dealing with future-pop influences. The band is finalizing their new opus “Lovers, Liars & Sinners”. The CD-format of this new EP features a few extra songs, which are noticeable remixes.

Content: Mondträume doesn’t really change their sound formula, which is made of solid future-pop influences. The title song is an interesting teaser to announce the new full length. The track is carried by a solid melody line and captivating vocals by their charismatic singer Damasius Venys.

“Free” has been remixed by Aesthetische and Venal Flesh while you also will hear new remixes of the familiar song “Still Beating” (title-song of the previous EP) by Ruined Conflict and Coldkill.

The CD-format of this EP features 5 extra songs. And here again you get a serious load of remixes by Aesthetische (again), Rotersand, Avarice In Audio and Nordika.

+ + + : The new songs feature the required ingredients for good future-pop music plus a talented singer. “Free” is a cool song, which sounds like the right choice for a title-song. I next heard a cool remix by Ruined Conflict while Aesthetische remains a real guarantee for exciting and danceable remixes. Rotersand is for sure another interesting name, which will for sure increase the interest for this EP and Mondträume.

– – – : “Free” sounds in the line of what we’ve heard of Mondträume on “Empty”. It’s a rather dark and melancholic future-pop inspired composition, which is a bit predictable and without absolute highlights.

Conclusion: Mondträume maybe is a band we sometimes forget to mention when it comes to speak about contemporary future-pop music. They don’t set the world alight, but compose an entertaining electro sound featuring noticeable remixes on this EP.

Best songs: “Still Beating – Ruined Conflict Remix”, “Free – Album Version”, “Far From Pain – Aesthetische Remix”, “A Sea Of Distance – Rotersand Remix”.

Rate: (7½).


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