Metal Disco – Devil Explicit (CD EP – Detonic Recordings)

By Mar 8,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electroclash, EBM, wave-pop.

Background/Info: Behind this funny band name is hiding Greek artist Toxic Razor. If the name of this artist doesn’t make ring a bell, you maybe know Paradox Obscur in, which he’s involved together with Kriistal Ann. Metal Disco has already released a few productions on Werkstatt Recordings, which is the label of Toxic Razor and on which he also released several productions as Beatbox Machinery. This EP rather looks like a mini-album featuring 6 songs.

Content: The main link between Paradox Obscur and Metal Disco is the ‘love’ and passion for retro-electronics. The sound is totally devoted to the 80s spirit, somewhere in between good-old wave-pop music and electroclash with some extra EBM elements on top. The vocals are quite sterile-like, which appears to be a cool match with the music.

+ + + : Metal Disco is a pretty cool discovery. It sounds old-school like and yet refreshing. This is because of the great sound treatments featuring dry bass lines and analogue melodies. The EBM touch on top of the work injects a naughty, danceable touch. I also like the tracks for their melodic approach. “Destroyer” is a potential hit for dancefloors.

– – – : The main difficulty with such a fascinating release is to catch the attention of a wider audience. Promotion will be really important, but the band gets my full support!

Conclusion: “Devil Explicit” sounds sexy and retro, but it first of all reveals a new promising project featuring Greek artist Toxic Razor.

Best songs: “Destroyer”, “Serial Killer”.

Rate: (7½).


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