Mechanical Moth – Mirrors (Album – Scanner / Dark Dimensions)

By Jul 22,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro, Electro-Pop, Wave-Pop.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: “Mirrors” is the seventh full length album by German formation Mechanical Moth. Four years after their previous album, the band became a duo seeing the female singer Ivy joining in again. She previously contributed to the “Rebirth”-album (2009). This album is a double disc featuring the same eleven songs on each disc, but one disc features female vocals and the other disc male ones.

Content: Ladies first so the first disc is featuring female vocals. It feels a bit like a band that has reinvented its own sound. The sound treatments are pretty heavy, some passages being very dark while other ones are carried by bouncing kicks. The female vocals inject a sensual- and a graceful touch on top of the composition.  It’s a diversified composition, which sound-wise also reveals a pure transcendental passage in “Extinction Theory”.

The other disc featuring male vocals sounds clearly different. It’s more into a Dark-Electro approach, the cavernous vocals creating a totally different effect, but Mechanical Moth also brought some little, but essential differences in sound production.

+ + + : The concept is original and it’s just amazing to see how different –male & female, singers can put their stamp on a music composition. But you also can hear the little differences in sound production, which have been clearly made for both singers. I personally prefer the female-edit for the impressive sound treatments, which sound a bit as a contrast to the sensual vocals. Songs like “Stuck”, “La Petite Mort”, “Animals” and “Extinction Theory” reflect some magical moments. But on the other side I also noticed a few songs from the male-edit, which are much better. This disc is harder and darker. I recommend listening to “Pain With No Face”, which is maybe not the most powerful piece, but revealing a great progression.

– – – : The record has something pretty confusing, maybe a bit schizophrenic, but in the end it will catch a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Mirrors” has inspired Mechanical Moth to achieve a great concept, trying to find the ultimate harmony between female- and male fronted songs. It’s without a shadow of a doubt my favorite opus of the band.

Best songs: “La Petite Mort (Female)”, “Extinction Theory (Female)”, “Stuck (Female)”, “Animals (Female)”, “Pain With No Face (Male)”.

Rate: (8).

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