Massive Ego – Noise In The Machine (CD EP – Out Of Line)

By Sep 18,2015

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave-pop, EBM.

Massive EgoContent: Massive Ego is one of the new and probably hottest bands joining the Out Of Line roster this year. The UK-band was set up in 1996 and went throughout multiple changes in the line-up. The current line-up consists of singer Marc Massive (who’s an ex-stage dancer of Boy George and ex-model) plus Lloyd Price, Scot Collins and Olly Frost.

The main song of this EP is one you might have discovered on the 6th volume of “Electrostorm”. “I Idolize You” is a terrific piece of music featuring rather hard verses, which are a bit into EBM and a sexy, captivating chorus. There also is a radical switch from charismatic vocals during the verses towards great, sensual parts in the chorus. Massive Ego is not exactly a band that has widespread recognition, but “I Idolize You” definitely is a song that will have its success at the dancefloors.

The main song features 4 different mixes. The so-called “Modification Mix” and “Modification Extended Mix” both are quite similar and absolutely superb. Leather strip and Aesthetic Perfection both made a remix of “I Idolize You”. Claus Larsen reinforced the EBM-touch and accomplished a great remix.

“Noise In The Machine” also features 2 remixes from 2 other songs. I especially recommend the “Frixion Mix” and “Frixion Extended Mix” of “Generation V”, which both reveal a powerful exposure, which mixes elements of EBM and pop music together. About the remixes of “Dead Silence Rising” I recommend a new “Frixion Remix”, which again accentuates the EBM spirit.

Last, but not least there’s an interesting collaboration on “Low Life” featuring Empire State Human. I can’t say this is the most noticeable song of the EP, but it sounds like a wafting finale to a noticeable EP.

Conclusion: “I Idolize You” is an absolute smashing piece of music and I hope the full length will reveal a few similar music jewels.

Best songs: “I Idolize You – Modification Mix”, “I Idolize You – Modification Extended Mix”, “I Idolize You – Leather Strip Remix”, “Generation V – Frixion Extended Mix”.

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