Le Moderniste – Desistere Mortem Timere (CD Album – Hands)

By Jul 30,2016

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Genre/Influences: Power-noise, rhythmic-ambient & noise.

Le ModernisteBackground/Info: Laurent Delogne aka Le Moderniste belongs to a selected number of renowned Belgian artists dealing with power-noise. He released an impressive number of productions on labels like Le Petit Machiniste, Modern Tinnitus Theory and since 2013 on Hands. It also is 3 years ago that Le Moderniste released a new opus so I was really wondering about the new sonic creation of this band.

Content: The new work has been announced as a reinvention in sound by Le Moderniste. That’s partly true, but one thing is for sure, I’ve already heard harder and more extreme releases by this artist. Power-noise remains the main source of inspiration, but the work becomes more complex. Laurent Delogne is manipulating the knobs of his machines like a possessed.

The power-noise loops have been joined by some mysterious atmospheres and this is for sure the main evolution –and innovation in sound. Some cuts move from ‘soft’ and intriguing introduction passages towards harder noise fields. The artist is once again building a heavy noise wall, but it all becomes more accessible through the injection of ‘ambient’-influences. The album remains dominated by low, monstrous sound vibrations and other heavy blasting passages.

+ + + : Le Moderniste can be seen as one of the natural rightful heirs of Esplendor Geometrico while this work also reveals a very personal and more intriguing input. The ambient content is quite compatible with the harder power-noise sound and makes it even more accessible.

– – – : Le Moderniste remains an extreme sound creation, but maybe not extreme enough for the die-hard fans of the band and the genre.

Conclusion: “Desistere Mortem Timere” is a ‘modern’ album maybe revealing a new and future sound for Le Moderniste.

Best songs: “Liber Diaboli”, “Filth Cleans The Blind”, “That May Occur”, “La Beauté Naît Dans La Mort”.

Rate: (7½).


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