L’Âme Immortelle – Unsterblich (CD Album – Trisol)

By Apr 16,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark electro-wave, gothic-pop.

L'Âme ImmortelleBackground/Info: The complete title of this album is “Unsterblich – 20 Jahre L’Âme Immortelle”. The title speaks for itself and is a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the now legendary Austrian formation set up by Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer.

Content: “Unsterblich” is a kind of ‘best of’ album and for this particular event Thomas Rainer asked for the contribution of Gregor Beyerle (Skyla Vertex, Reaper) and Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand) to rework and co-produce the songs. This way the songs have been revived and adapted into a new and refreshing format.

L’Âme Immortelle is formation that never stopped to fascinate me. They went through different periods, in which they moved from dark-electronics during the early years to heavier goth-metal work. The last productions saw those exploring goth-pop fields and a kind of return of typical electronic compositions.

“Unsterblich” brings us back to some of their early hits like the unavoidable “Bitterkeit” and “Life Will Never Be The Same Again”. However, it is rather surprising not to find songs from their latest albums and  also, it’s not that easy to select an album featuring 13 songs when you consider the impressive discography of the band.

This album however is a way to rediscover some of their most famous songs and especially the proper sound formula, which made this band successful. Music and vocals reflect refinement and beauty at one side and rage and darkness at the other side. Sonja’s timbre of voice remains a deeply artistic and elevating experience while Thomas stands for the evil and obscure force behind the band. But they are pretty complementary and I think they need each other to become this higher goal called L’Âme Immortelle.

The music merges similar influences. There’s the refinement and piano-like arrangements at one side and the epic bombast and obscurity at the other side. It all together creates the secret code symbolized by 13 songs.

+ + + : L’Âme Immortelle celebrates their 20th anniversary in style. I like the contribution of Gregor Beyerle and Krischan Wesenberg. The artistic touch of the album includes a cool booklet with pictures (featuring some pics from the early years).

– – – : A double disc with extra songs taken from their discography would have been a logic choice. So I regret only 13 songs have been made ‘immortal’.

Conclusion: After such a successful career, this work appears to be a kind of consecration for this great formation.

Best songs: “Bitterkeit”, “Love Is Lost”, “Stumme Schrei”, “Gefallen”, “Life Will Never Be The Same Again”, “Judgement”.

Rate: (8). / /



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