L’Âme Immortelle – Letztes Licht (CD EP – Trisol)

By Mar 10,2019

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Genre/Influences: Gothic-pop, electro-wave.

Background/Info: One year after their latest successful album “Hinter Dem Horizont” the Austrian duo Sonja Kraushofer – Thomas Rainer strike  back unleashing this ‘extended’ EP.

Content: The title song was not my favorite from the album. We here get a “Classic Version” next to the “Album Version”. There also is a remix made by Blue May Rose. We also get 2 exclusive songs with a dreamy atmosphere. The song “Fear” originally released in 2004 has been reworked while we also get a few more older songs, which have been remixed by Soman and 18 Summers. Last, but not least 3 songs from the band have been covered by Collection D’Arnell-Andréa, Dunkelsucht feat. Chelsey Schill and My Equinox Divine.

+ + + : I like the global concept of this EP, which next to a title track featuring a few different edits reveals exclusive songs, remixes and especially cover versions. L’Âme Immortelle remains faithful to their sound featuring the graceful vocals of Sonja Kraushofer, but there also is some diversity injected by the other artists. That’s precisely what I expect from an EP. I recommend the cover version of “Fallen angel” by the French formation Collection D’Arnell-Andréa (now signed on Trisol).

– – – : I’m still not a huge fan of the title song. I think there are much better songs featured at the last full length, but it also is a matter of taste. I also expected a bit more from the remixes.

Conclusion: The concept of this EP is absolutely great! This is so much more than releasing a title song and asking for an endless list of bands to make a remix.

Best songs: “Fear – Re-Recorded 2018”, “Fallen angel – Cover by Collection D’Arnell-Andréa”, “Demon be Gone – Cover by Dunkelsucht feat. Chelsey Schill”, “Lake Of Tears – Cover by My Equinox Divine”.

Rate: (7½).


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