Karin My – Silence Amygdala (Album – Ad Inexplorata)

By Jul 1,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Experimental, Ethereal-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Karin My Andersson is a Swedish female artist who did some vocals in different bands like Twice A Man, Coph Nia, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Fake Moss ao. She’s also involved with Gasleben & Electric Friends and now unleashed her official debut-album. I can’t speak about a real solo-work as multiple guests (musicians and vocalists) contributed to the writing and production of the work. The songs are based on poems of Karin My.

Content: “Silence Amygdala” sounds like an invitation to explore an imaginary world. It’s an evasive sonic trip revealing the fragile and emotive voice of the artist. On some of the songs she reminds me of the wafting sensation created by Enya. The basis of the songs have been composed by Electronics, but still featuring guitar, acoustic guitar, cello, flute ao. One of the most surprising cuts is the cover version of VNV Nation’s “Homeward”, which has been transposed into an acoustic guitar ballad.

+ + + : This album has something graceful. The artist didn’t spare any effort to achieve a mature production. Karin My’s poems have been masterly transposed into music and it’s the entire production, which has a poetic smell. The use of real instruments for sure partly creates this artistic sensation. The songs have something elevating creating the illusion of a feather driven through the wind. This work has something delicate and enlightening. “Winter Tree” and “Time To Go” both are beautiful songs.

– – – : The second part of the album is less convincing by the exception of the last (title)song. The VNV Nation cover version is an original one, but not totally fitting with the rest of the album.

Conclusion: This work feels like sunshine after the storm; a true relief, which sounds sweet and frail.

Best songs: “Winter Tree”, “Time To Go”, “Letter”, “Silence Amygdala”.

Rate: (7).


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