Erik Levander – Jökel (Album – Glacial Movements)

By Jun 30,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Abstract, Soundscape.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Swedish artist Erik Levander has released his seventh full length album, but the first one on Glacial Movements. “Jökel” means ‘glacier’ and is totally appropriated to the conceptual approach of the Italian label. The album is inspired by Levander’s trip to Iceland where he visited the  Mýrdalsjökull, a glacier famous for covering the active volcano Katla. The word jökel is taken from the Icelandic language.

Content: “Jökel” sounds as a kind of abstract Soundscape; sonic manipulations and field recordings creating a constant, dense atmosphere of darkness. You get the impression of being surrounded by the sound of thunder. Buzzing sound waves and crispy noises accentuate the weird, ominous sensation emerging of this work. 

+ + + : This work has something extreme and hardly accessible and yeti t has a somewhat inhibited and even intimate atmosphere. It feels a bit like an imaginary melt down between the artist and the magic vision of the glacier. The dark and mysterious sphere for sure has something intriguing, which comes mainly through on “Yta”.

– – – : I can’t say this is my favorite work from the Glacial Movements roster although it perfectly fits to the label’s sound approach. There’s no real trace of climax, the track becoming a bit monotonous after a while. This is the kind of work, which needs visual support.

Conclusion: The concept is far more interesting than the result although this is a production that will please fans of Abstract music experiences.

Best songs: “Yta”.

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