Jupe Jupe – Lonely Creatures (CD Album – Jupe Jupe Music)

By Mar 16,2018

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Genre/Influences: Wave-pop, indie-rock.

Background/Info: Based in Seattle (USA) Jupe Jupe consists of Bryan Manzo, My Young, Patrick Partington and Jarrod Arbini. They previously self-released 3 other full lengths and now strike back with “Lonely Creatures”, which is also available on vinyl format.

Content: Jupe Jupe claims to be influenced by a wider range of bands and that’s an element that comes rapidly through. There clearly is something 80s running through their work, which sounds in between new-wave and pop music and reminds me now and then to Tears Of Fears and Q. Lazzarus. But there also is something more indie-like. Electronics and guitar are totally complementary while the singer has a very particular timbre of voice.

+ + + : Jupe Jupe sounds refreshing and that’s probably for their mix of good-old retro elements from the 80s and something contemporary on top of the production. There also is a perfect balance between the verses and the choruses. “Lonely Creatures” features a few elevating cuts and I especially recommend “Blind “By Memory” and “In Reflection”. Jupe Jupe is taking care for nearly all elements from the production process;  from song writing to promotion and I can only congratulate the very professional work.

– – – : What this album is missing is a absolute hit song.

Conclusion: “Lonely Creatures” is a fully enjoyable production reflecting a mature production and a sound that will appeal for wave-pop fans and indie-lovers. This is a band to discover!

Best songs: “Blind By Memory”, “In Reflection”, “Faith In What You Hear”, “All So Wrong”.

Rate: (7½).

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