Jupe Jupe – Nightfall (EP – Jupe Jupe Music)

By Jul 21,2020

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Genre/Influences: Indie-pop, pop-rock.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: I discovered the Seattle (USA) based Jupe Jupe by their previous full length album “Lonely Creatures”. They’re now back on track unleashing a new self-released work featuring five songs.

Content: This band is clearly driven by varied influences. The songs still have this indie-touch I discovered on the last album, but the songs also have a more intimate approach. It feels accentuated by the saxophone playing, which is also adding some sensuality to the work. The work features five different songs so there’s no real main track here.

+ + + : This EP has something very accessible and I even dare to say it sounds like a master key. It will catch the attention of a wider audience. I’ve been touched by the saxophone, injecting a warm breeze to the work. “Nightfall” has something easy listening-like.

– – – : I probably always expect a hit featured on an EP and that’s precisely what this work is missing. The songs are sweet and easy going, but without climax. I definitely preferred their last album!

Conclusion: “Nightfall” is probably not the best way to discover Jupe Jupe, which has much more to offer than what I’ve heard here.

Best songs: “Twist Of Trust”.

Rate: (6).

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