Josy & Pony – Eponyme (CD Album – Rockerill Records / Freaksville)

By Nov 20,2019

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Genre/Influences: Rock-punk, 60s.

Background/Info: I discovered this Belgian formation by their debut album “Hippodrone Club” (2017) and was instantly seduced by their global approach mixing rock, punk and fun! They’re now back with “Eponyme”, which has been introduced as a fusion between 60s music and punk. The album is also available in vinyl.

Content: The album features 9 songs. After an intro cut Josy & Pony come directly to the essence of this work. There clearly is the recognizable post-punk and rock attitude merged with solid 60s psychedelic elements. The songs reveal a mix between guitar and electronic arrangements. The lyrics sung in French are once again pure fun and inspired by horses although revealing some metaphors. “Eponyme” features the already familiar single “Indécent Pur-Sang” next to some noticeable new cuts.

+ + + : I like this band for their totally crazy concept (just watch their clips and you’ll understand what I mean), but also for the quality of their music. The songs create a perfect twist between familiar, powerful rock-punk while the 60s psychedelic touch brings something refreshing and even hypnotic. I’m totally wild of “Deux Chevaux Mustang”, which reminds me of Brigitte Bardot singing “Harley Davidson” (written by Serge Gainsbourg). I also have to mention “Änon Petit Con”, “Secte Equestre” (also released as clip), “La Crinière” and “Indécent Pur-Sang”.

– – – : This work only features 9 songs; featuring an intro, outro and an intermezzo. So it’s a bit over the top considering this work as a full length album.

Conclusion: I have a preference for the debut album, but on the other side “Eponyme” simply confirms the potential of this band. This is great and powerful punk-rock music for parties and simply have fun.

Best songs: “Deux Chevaux Mustang”, “Änon Petit Con”, “Secte Equestre”, “La Crinière”, “Indécent Pur-Sang”.

Rate: (8).

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