Th/s /s Sh/t – // (CD EP – Upton Park)

By Nov 20,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electronic, dance & rock.

Background/Info: This is the latest EP from the Parisian based trio Th/s /s Sh/t (This Is Shit). After a cool previous, self-titled EP this new work was already released several months ago now as an appetizer to their announced full length “///”.

Content: “//” features 4 songs. I experienced this new work as much more electronic and danceable like. The songs are instrumental versions, which are sometimes a bit soundtrack-related. Electronics and guitar are once again melting together on “///”. “Transition 1.2” is a new cut and has been also remixed in a heavier danceable and groovy edit by LON66.

+ + + : Th/s /s Sh/t is an atypical formation, which built a sonic bridge between different influences and styles. The name of the trio, but also their tracks has something enigmatic, which confirms the atypical approach. I especially like the remix of “Transition 1.2” by LON66 which features cool, danceable loops and a groovy touch.

– – – : I can’t say that I’ve already heard a potential ‘hit’ by this band and it’s always a bit sad when a remix made by another project sounds more convincing than the original version.

Conclusion: Th/s /s Sh/t is hard to seize and also a bit unpredictable so I’m really wondering how their debut album will sound like.

Best songs: “Transition 1.2 – LON66 Remix”, “Ecstasy (Remix)”.

Rate: (6½).

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