Im Namen Des Volkes – Aus Des Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern (CD Album – Peripheral Minimal)

By May 15,2017

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electronics, EBM.

Background/Info: Im Namen Des Volkes is a German solo-project set up by Matthias Schuster (also known from Bal Paré, Das Institut, Geisterfahrer, Lichtjahr and a few more projects) in 1979 (!). Most of his early work was released on cassette- and 7” format. This album is a selection of old material that has been reworked and recorded with added vocals.

Content: I’m familiar with several other projects –but especially Bal Paré, of  Matthias Schuster so this album is a real opportunity to go back in time and discover a truly electronic pioneer who’ll remind you of DAF, but also to bands like Cabaret Voltaire and The Neon Judgement. The electronic manipulations and the simple magic of analogue material definitely are the main trademarks of Im Namen Des Volkes.

The work reflects the spirit of the 80s. the typical analogue sweeps, robotic vocals and cold leads will bring good-old memories alive. There’s a variety of songs on this work, which also reveal pure and still minimal-like EBM cuts in the purest DAF tradition.

+ + + : Peripheral Minimal likes to bring old sonic pearls back to life and this album is one addition to the list. If you’re into vintage electronics and early EBM, this is without a shadow of a doubt a work that will catch your attention. It’s pure nostalgia, but still revealing a project that probably didn’t gain its deserved recognition. From songs such as “Psychopharmaka” to “Industrie Synfonie” to the EBM-driven “Hunde Im All”, “Alles Ist Umsonst” and “Dein Bester” there really is a lot to discover and enjoy. Speaking for myself I’m more into the EBM side of the band. The digipak format is a nice little bonus, which might convince you to buy the album.

– – – : Some of the vocals are missing power and passion and that’s maybe why a band like DAF became worldwide famous and Im Namen Des Volkswagen did not. The vocals appear to be the single element that doesn’t always fully convince –and especially on the harder cuts, while on the other ones the robotic effect is more efficient.

Conclusion: This album is an efficient way to bring the past back alive. It reveals a forgotten and less recognized pioneer of electronic music who however received serious recognition as member of Bal Paré.

Best songs: “Dein Bester”, “Hunde Im All”, “Alles Ist Umsonst”, “Psychopharmaka”.

Rate: (7½).


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