Heimatærde – Ærdenbrand (CD Album – Out Of Line)

By Oct 27,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, medieval, metal.

HeimataerdeBackground/Info: Heimatærde once started as one of the most atypical dark-electro bands in the scene. They progressively evolved towards harder influences, injecting metal guitar riffs to their work. “Ærdenbrand” (translated “Eathburn”) is the 7th full length album of the German sonic Templers.

Content: “Ærdenbrand” is probably the album that brings all the influences together this band has ever experienced. The hard metal riffs have been joined by dark-electronic treatments while the sound of the electric bagpipes are more at the forefront than on previous releases. It creates a unique sound, which might evoke Corvus Corax for its medieval inspiration and Rammstein for some of the guitar parts with some extra dark-electronics on top.

The guitar parts inject the power; the bagpipes take care of the melody lines while the electronics cover the work with darkness. All lyrics have been sung in German while you’ll notice some choir passages as well plus the irresistible child voice running through the new master hit “Hick Hack Hackbeil” (previously released as EP-title song). The songs have been achieved by overwhelming epic arrangements and some cinematographic passages.

Notice by the way that Joachim Witt contributed to this album doing some guest vocals.

+ + +: “Ærdenbrand” reveals a great harmony between guitar, electronics and harmony. Heimatærde brings different influences together creating a perfect symbiosis and sonic power. I consider this work as one of their best albums ever while it also features several potential hits. “Hick Hack Hackebeil” remains a unique song and a great hit.

– – – : By the exception of a few cuts –like the intermezzo-like “Veritas Domini” this album has no real minus points.

Conclusion: Heimatærde is pure chemistry between different influences, which come together in a fabulous and powerful album.

Best songs: “Hick Hack Hackebeil”, “Ein Flammenmeer”, “Fühl Die Zeit”, “Ærdenbrand”, “Hoch Hinaus”, “Freiheit”.

Rate: (8½).


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