Hante. – Fiers (CD Album – Metropolis)

By Apr 28,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-pop, electro-wave.

Background/Info: French artist Hélène de Thoury was previously involved in Phosphor and Minuit Machine. She next set up her own solo-project Hante.  and this year released her fourth full length. The work was originally released in France by Synth Religion and next licensed to the U.S. on Metropolis. Notice by the way the digital version of the album features two bonus cuts and I here especially recommend “I Don’t Need A Hero”.   

Content: Hante. is a solo-project although Hélène de Thoury got a helping hand from a few guest musicians and –singers. The music is clearly ark-pop inspired, made with intelligence and nice retro-influences. There are some heavenly melodic passages running through the work. Sometimes haunting, but often into a dreamy sensation, there multiple cool songs featured at “Fiers”. There’re a few cuts on, which the artist sings together with a male guest vocalist.

+ + + : This album gives me the impression walking throughout a misty pop field. The constant, dark and dreamy feeling is one of the work’s main characteristics. The retro-touch evokes some good-old 80s influences and injects some magic to the work. I also enjoyed the few female-male duos in the singing. There are several noticeable songs featured on this album, but “Nobody’s Watching” is without a shadow of a doubt the most accomplished track from the list.

– – – : The sound formula is pretty similar and the songs are a bit similar as well. Except the excellent “Nobody’s Watching” I’m missing a few more headlights.

Conclusion: Hante. brings diversity to the stereo-classical electro-pop format. It’s a mix of dark-pop and 80s new-wave music.

Best songs: “Nobody’s Watching”, “The Moon Song feat. Box Von Düe”, “Wild Animal”.

Rate: (7).


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