Pillars Of Golden Misery – Golden Hand Of The Leech (CD EP – Pillars Of Golden Misery)

By Apr 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Noise, experimental, abstract.

Background/Info: We here welcome a new project hailing from London and set up in 2018. This EP (CDR format) features 4 tracks and is the debut work of Pillars Of Golden Misery.

Content: This project claims to be inspired by some 80s pioneers like Lustmord, Coil, Randy Greif ao. There for sure is a kind of experimental/industrial/noise approach, which might remind you of early 80s experiments although this is different. Some parts are more abstract sounding and feels like improvisation. Noises and voices are sometimes merging together getting a pretty experimental result.

+ + + : The title track is for sure worthy of examination (and still available as video clip). I like the progression running through the track which ends in a heavy, overwhelming industrial-noise style. Another attention grabber is the last track (cf. “Fear Code”) which is mixing bleeps and crispy noises with an oppressive, haunting sphere.

– – – : I’m sometimes missing some cohesion between the tracks and the numerous influences running through it.

Conclusion: I can’t say to have been totally convinced by this debut, but I already heard worse debut releases. I think this project still needs to find its own style, but there’s some potential hiding in it.

Best songs: “Fear Code”, “Golden Hand Of The Leech”.

Rate: (6½).



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