God Destruction – Unholy Trinity (EP – Insane Records)

By Jun 7,2021

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Genre/Influences: Metal, EBM, Dark-Electro, Industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Mexican band God Destruction released this newest EP during the last days of 2020. “Unholy Trinity” features three songs.

Content: Since the band’s last album “Redentor” released in 2016, God Destruction has already released a few EP’s. This new production brings new songs filled with rage and hate. But it also remains a very particular mix of influences; EBM bass lines have been mixed doom atmospheres while the last song features Suicide Commando-like sequences. This work is a new fusion between Dark-Electronic treatments and furious guitar playing with enraged –and mainly Spanish, vocals on top.

+ + + : God Destruction is a band that has seriously improved the global aspects of their production over the years. This EP reveals 3 different songs featuring a similar power, rage and aggression. The way the songs have been built up is absolutely impressive; the balance between Electro and guitar is perfect. I have a preference for the second song “Carnage”, which is a perfect title to express the listening experience of God Destruction. It’s an overwhelming song with menacing sequences and a mix of Spanish and English vocals. The epic arrangements on top of the production are also an important element of the production.

– – – : The fusion between all different influences might be confusing, but I like it!

Conclusion: “Unholy Trinity” is a great work revealing a band in constant progression; dark and powerful stuff!

Best songs: “Carnage”, “Frankenstein”, “Suicide King”.

Rate: (8½).


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