God Body Disconnect – The Mist Between Mirrors (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Sep 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-cinematographic, dark-ambient.

Background/Info: It took two years for Bruce Moallem (aka God Body Disconnect) to achieve his third solo-album, which is inspired by solitude and loneliness.

Content: The cinematic approach became more explicit at the previous work “Sleeper’s Fate” (2017) and is again the essence of this new work. But there’s also a reminiscence of the psychedelic influence, which was present on the debut album “Dredge Portals” (2016). The guitar playing creates this psychedelic flavor while the dark electronic layers create an imaginary abyssal sound space, which has been accentuated by field recordings. You’ll also notice a few spoken passages and some female chants emerging at “Another Lullaby From The Abyss”.

+ + + : I definitely prefer this album to its predecessor. The writing is more mature and there’s an intimate, but poignant aspect emerging. The sonic universe of “The Mist between Mirrors” sounds prosper and yet there’s something tormented hiding deep inside. The tracks reveal diversity with a great transcendental sensation running through “The Existence Of Stars”. I here especially like the effects created by the guitar. But the truly apotheosis can be heard at the last cut. “Another Lullaby From The Abyss” moves back to darker ambient fields and reach a climax by the hypnotic female chants.

– – – : From a very personal point of view I would have liked to hear more passages with voices and especially chants.

Conclusion: This new opus is without a shadow of a doubt the most accomplished and simply best production to date from God Body Disconnect.

Best songs: “Another Lullaby From The Abyss”, “Where Our Ghosts Disappear”, “The Existence Of Stars”, “Grief Of The Living”.

Rate: (8).




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