Mechanimal – White Flag (Vinyl 7” – Inner Ear)

By Sep 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, goth-pop.

Background/Info: Based in Athens (Greece) Giannis Papaioannou is already active under the Mechanimal moniker for a couple of years now. He’s actually preparing his fourth full length album and released the “White Flag”-7” as an appetizer.

Content: “White Flag” features two sides. “Easy Dead” has something retro-like and features a modern touch on top. I experienced the song as a mix between new-wave and dark-pop creating a hypnotic sensation with sensual vocals on top. The B-side cut sounds more pop-like. This single reveals a precise balance between electronics and guitar.

+ + + : “Easy Dead” is a sublime song with a perfect harmony between guitar playing and electronics. The sensual, half-spoken like vocals of Giannis Papaioannou totally fits with the music. It sounds retro-like and yet refreshing. The chorus has something transcendental. The other song entitled “Red Mirror” is less dark and more pop-like in a way. I can’t say it’s a real B-side song as the Mechanimal made a clip of this song (and of “Easy Dead” as well).

– – – : This is a great single so I’m just a little bit frustrated I still have to wait for the album.

Conclusion: There’s no better way to announce a new album than releasing such an outstanding single!

Best songs: “Easy Dead”, “Red Mirror”.

Rate: (8½).


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