Ginger Snap5 – Against The Days (CD Album – Dependent Records)

By Nov 21,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, industrial-pop.

Background/Info: Ukrainian duo Ginger Snap5 is a formation I discovered on the SkyQode with their excellent debut album “Snapped By You” (2013). Roman Soroka and Alex Pavluk now joined hands together with Dependent Records to unleash this second opus.

Content: It’s not an easy thing to define the sound of this band. They’re for sure inspired and driven by electro-pop fields, but the production has been mixed with technoid elements, ambient (space)-like atmospheres and a kind of harder, industrial flavor on top. “Against The Days” sounds miles away from the stereotypical electro-pop standards and rapidly appears to be a complex and elaborated production.

+ + + : Electro-pop music is often predictable and fewer bands are really trying to innovate or create something ‘different’. Ginger Snap5 is the entire contrary and that’s precisely what I expect from a ‘modern’ electro-pop formation. But I have to add they’re not what I would call an electro-pop formation; they’re bringing many influences and elements together, which in the end might appeal for electro-pop lovers.

I like their ambient/astral dimension, which is also reflected in the somewhat robotic-like vocal parts. The songs are often carried by solid leads, but especially the song “Pieces Of Regret” is a high light! The chorus running through this song is amazing!

– – – : Complexity and originality don’t always stand for accessibility! That’s precisely what I experienced with this work. You really need to listen carefully a few times till you really can seize the welfare of their sound. Ginger Snap5 is an antidote to classical electro-pop music, but it also is their main difficulty to seduce wider masses. They’re maybe missing a bit more elevating choruses.

Conclusion: Ginger Snap5 is one of those ‘aliens’ active at the electro-pop fields. They sound related with the music genre although they’re definitely different! But in the end I like this visionary approach!

Best songs: “Pieces Of Regret”, “Beyond The Line”; “Break Me Down”, “Polaris”.

Rate: (7).

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