Arcana Obscura – Restless Dreams (EP – ConSequence Records)

By Aug 3,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, ethereal, tribal, ritual, trance.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Thomas Gäbhard and his Arcana Obscura sonic brain child are back on track, unleashing three new songs plus three remixes at this EP. He got some help of  three singers Timea Göghova, Betty Baindl and Andrea Bannert.

Content: It’s nearly impossible defining the work of Arcana Obscura, which evolved towards a project experimenting with multiple styles. The female chants inject an ethereal/mystic touch to the work while the music is covering elements such as tribal, trance and industrial. Some passages are accomplished with orchestral arrangements while others are more into mystic reverie by the sound of flutes or Eastern atmospheres.

There’s an “Alternative Mix” of the title song plus 2 remixes from songs featured at Arcana Obscura’s last albums.

+ + + : This band fascinates me for its impressive sonic canvas. Arcana Obscura is hard to label, which makes it strength and originality. The songs have been meticulously elaborated leading the listeners into a possible trance experience. Well, that’s at least what I experienced at “Restless Dreams”, which is a brilliant and accomplished title song. But I also have to mention “Essence Of Fear”, which sounds a bit darker and more into bombast. There also is a terrific remix of “Batao Muje” (originally released at the band’s last album) accentuating the trace sensation of the work. I also have to say a word about the ethereal chants featured on this EP. They create a hypnotic sensation, which once again is that typical for Arcana Obscura.

– – – : The new song “Sacred Places” is the single track from the EP that couldn’t convince me. No reason to complain!

Conclusion: Arcana Obscura moved on in the style and influences they dealt with during the past few years; great tribal/trance/industrial music with an ethereal touch on top!

Best songs: “Restless Dreams”, “Batao Muje – Remix”, “Essence Of Fear”, “Restless Dreams – Alternative”.

Rate: (9).




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