Finkseye – Under A Godless Sky (CD Album – Razgrom Music)

By Jun 23,2018

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Genre/Influences: EBM, electro-industrial.

Background/Info: Two years after the official debut album (cf. “Deadweight”) Swedish artist Henrik Fink Nilsson (ex-Struma) returns with a new opus. The CD version features 2 bonus tracks.

Content: After the promising “Deadweight”-album I was really wondering what this new work would sound-like. Globally speaking the new songs became more personal and darker. It’s a sort of haunting-body-music, which has been empowered on two tracks by guitar riffs. The work also features a few instrumental cuts, which reinforce the dark and moody atmospheres hanging over the album. The vocals totally fit to the ghost-style of the music.

+ + + : The dark, haunting atmospheres are one of the main characteristics of this opus. This is not the kind of EBM where the power emerges from the fast sequences and danceable kicks. The power is hidden in the spooky approach, which comes also back in the production of the vocals. “Wired Dreams” is a perfect song illustrating this ghost-like music. “Intolerance” is another noticeable song, but with a harder and more danceable approach. I also like most of the bass lines, which is an element literally excelling at “In-Sight” reminding me a bit of a mix of Pouppée Fabrikk and Vomito Negro. Among the bonus track I also noticed the well-crafted “Bad Luck Baby”.

– – – : This album is just missing one or two ‘ultimate’ songs; the kind of tracks with a serious hit-potential.

Conclusion: If you think EBM is nothing more than clichés, I can only, but advise you to discover Finkseye. This is an interesting project, mixing influences together and trying to bring a different and more personal EBM format.

Best songs: “Intolerance”, “Wired Dreams”, “Stalingrad”, “Bad Luck Baby”.

Rate: (7½).


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