Filth Colossus – Blood Trails Of The Real (Album – Interitvs Nvmen)

By May 8,2021

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Genre/Influences: Death-Industrial, Ambient-Noise.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Filth Colossus is an Italian project releasing their debut album. There’s not a lot of  information available about this project, but the album has been introduced as ‘an aural transfiguration of the vision of an impending apocalypse, occurring on both a cosmic and personal level.’

Content: The work features 5 long duration cuts, which from the very first notes are leading the listener into an imaginary world of horror and stupor. Crispy loops and constant, obscure atmospheres with some ghost-like vocals are progressively reaching their ultimate point: a sonic apocalyptic vision reinforced with some heavy Noise-like treatments. Some parts of the album sounds like being more improvised. The last track is an ultimate moment of terror accentuated by drones.

+ + + : This debut album is a true sensation! The tracks have been meticulously built up, finding a perfect balance between the different influences. I especially like the way they incorporated the Noise elements. It remains ‘controlled’ and there’s no real sonic chaos. Everything sounds in perfect harmony. Most of the tracks have been progressively built up till reaching an ultimate point of fear. Filth Colossus is a tormenting experience, but that’s exactly what you might expect listening to this type of music. Both opening pieces are absolutely amazing, but I also have to mention the last cut “A Myth So Deep To Skin”.

– – – : The only track, which couldn’t convince me is “Structure And Decay” for being less coherent and more into total improvisation.

Conclusion: Filth Colossus is an antidote to ‘feel good’ music although such a dark and tormenting sound experience will make dark souls happy. This is a great debut album!

Best songs: “Tidal Destrudo”, “A Myth So Deep To Skin”, “Blood Trails Of The Real”.

Rate: (8).



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