808 Dot Pop – The Cubic Temperature (Album – Alfa Matrix)

By May 9,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info:  After having remixed the song “Kelvin” for 808 DOT POP’s last single, Franky Deblomme aka Cubic was asked to rework more songs from the debut album “The Colour Temperature”. Here’s the result, a new album featuring twelve songs.

Content: 808 Dot Pop and Cubic both are driven by similar influences and their love for Electro/Robotic-Pop music. The link with Kraftwerk is always nearby, but both artists also have their own approach. I experienced some of the songs reworked by Cubic as more elaborated than the original edits. It’s all in the details, like some heavy sound blasts emerging at the surface. The computer vocals are still there, some bass lines have been empowered while the last song is an original “Cubic Mix”.

+ + + : I prefer this kind of album instead of the classical EP’s filled with remixes. Cubic seriously reworked the original songs. You’ll easily recognize the songs, but there’s a little extra on top. Sometimes colder like the opening track “Cie 1960 – Chromaticity”, sometimes carried by frightening sequences like on “Blackbodies – Lampblack” and sometimes driven by great sound treatments like on “Seeing Heat – Peripheral”, Franky Deblomme brings a true bonus to an album, which already was a cool surprise. The already familiar  “Ultraviolet – Photonic” remains another attention grabber.

– – – : I always have a problem when remixes or reworked songs by other artists are better than the original versions. I can’t say it’s true for all of the songs featured at “The Cubic Temperature”, but it’s amazing to see what Franky Depblomme has accomplished. Both musicians should consider working together!

Conclusion: This album is an absolute must have for Electro-Pop lovers, but also a nice addition to the debut album of 808 Dot Pop.

Best songs: “Cie 1960 – Chromaticity”, “Seeing Heat – Peripheral”, “Blackbodies – Lampblack”, “Ultraviolet – Photonic”, “Kelvin 4500”.

Rate: (8).

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